Diesel engines are known for offering unparalleled reliability and increased fuel efficiency, but as the engine ages, the effectiveness of the fuel system will degrade. Newer model engines now come equipped with electronic systems that ensure a reliable stream of fuel as an engine begins to wear. Fortunately, upgrading a vehicle to an electronically controlled system is a simple process, and the team at driven diesel offers custom kits equipped with all of the parts needed at an affordable price.

Smoother Idle

One of the first indicators that the fuel system of a diesel engine is in disrepair is the presence of a rough idle at startup, which is usually more prevalent during colder weather. Replacing an outdated fuel system will ensure that an adequate amount of fuel reaches the engine from the very start while eliminating rough idling and poor engine performance. Not only does this help ensure better control of the vehicle, it helps protect the engine from the effects of low fuel pressure.

Enhanced Fuel Filtration

The impurities found in diesel fuel wreak havoc on an engine and may lead to a build-up on the pistons over time. Not only does this negatively affect the performance of the engine by forcing it to work harder, it may also lead to expensive repair bills in the future. An electronic fuel system is designed to provide increased filtration that will prevent dangerous impurities from collecting on the engine’s components.


Immediate Fuel PSI Performance

After starting an engine, it will require an instant flow of fuel that is capable of meeting its psi demands. If the flow of fuel is lower than what is needed, the result will be sluggish engine performance. Electronic fuel systems include a pump that will meet the PSI requirements of a motor and offer increased power and engine responsiveness.


Don’t let poor engine performance lead to reduced responsiveness, reduced fuel efficiency, and expensive repairs. A Driven Diesel COMPLETE OBS Electric Fuel System will restore an engine’s power and help keep a truck running like new. Visit their website to learn more about their innovative and easy-to-install kits and take the first step in improving the performance of a diesel vehicle today.